OCR H446/02 – 2.3 Algorithms

2.3 Algorithms - Overview / Checklist
2.3.1 Algorithms
(a) Analysis and design of algorithms for a given situation.
(b) The suitability of different algorithms for a given task and data set, in terms of execution time and space.
(c) Measures and methods to determine the efficiency of different algorithms, Big O notation (constant, linear, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic complexity).
(d) Comparison of the complexity of algorithms.
(e) Algorithms for the main data structures, (stacks, queues, trees, linked lists, depth-first (post-order) and breadth-first traversal of trees).
(f) Standard algorithms (bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort, quick sort, Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm, A* algorithm, binary search and linear search).

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