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Prolog – Food Web Challenge


Prolog is a language built around the Logical Paradigm: a declarative approach to problem-solving. There are only three basic constructs in Prolog: facts, rules, and queries. A collection of facts and rules is called a knowledge base (or a database)

Logic Gates Diagrams (Whiteboard)


Scratch – Sprite Movement using a Touchscreen


Many tutorials on how to create a game in Scratch will be based on using the arrow keys to control the main sprite. This is a great approach indeed but is not suitable if you are designing the game toe

Thank You Medical Staff and Key Workers!


During the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of gratitude for the medical staff working in hospitals as well as all the other key workers who carried on working to provide essential services to their community. All over

Colour Luminance and Contrast Ratio


The luminance of a colour is a measure used to describe the perceived brightness of a colour. It is possible to calculate the luminance of a colour based on its RGB colour code. So let’s consider an algorithm that collects an RGB colour

Magic Trick Algorithm


In this blog post we are investigating whether we can teach a computer how to perform a magic trick. Algorithm If you want a computer to perform a specific task you need to provide this computer with a clear set

Assembly Language


Assembly language is a low-level programming language. Each assembly language is specific to a particular computer architecture. Assembly language uses mnemonics to represent low-level machine instructions or opcodes. Many operations require one or more operands in order to form a

Radians to Degrees Conversions


The radian is a unit of measure for angles used mainly in trigonometry. It is used as an alternative to degrees. Whereas, in degrees a full circle is 360 degrees, in radians a full circle is 2π radians: It is

Pygame Framework


The pygame library contains several modules and classes that you will use when creating video retro arcade games. You will need to familiarise yourself with the most useful modules and classes as listed below: (Click on a module/class to access

Abstract Syntax Tree Generator


In computer science, an abstract syntax tree (AST), or just syntax tree, is a tree representation of the high level source code. The compilation process consists of translating the high level source code (e.g. Java, Python, C++, FORTRAN, etc.) into