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Bubble Sort Algorithm in LMC


The aim of this challenge is to implement a Bubble sort algorithm on a list of 10 values using LMC. We will be using our online LMC simulator to test our code online LMC simulator: Executing the Code We will

Memory Filler in LMC


The aim of this challenge is to write a program in LMC that will fill in the memory/RAM with the value 999, from memory location 50 onwards (up to memory location 99). Note that even though such a program may

Self-modifying code in LMC


In computer science, self-modifying code is code that alters its own instructions while it is executing. Getting code that overwrites itself can seem dubious, rather risky and hence unrecommended. However in some cases, it is a technique that can be

Drone Display


Drone displays/light shows are performed by synchronized and choreographed collections of drones that position themselves to recreate various aerial formations. Each drone is equipped with LED lights that can change colour during the display. The first drone display was presented

Wired & Wireless Connection Methods


Take the Quiz! (open full screen) Can you recognise the different types of cables used in IT? Do you know what are the main wireless technologies used to connect IT equipment? Take the quiz to check your knowledge of wired

LED Dice Logic Gates Diagrams


LED Dice Our aim is to create an LED Dice using a breadboard and 7 LEDs disposed as follows: We will then use three buttons/switches to control the 7 LEDs of the dice to recreate the following patterns: Octal Number

Stopwatch Class (JavaScript)


In this challenge we will create an interactive stopwatch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The aim of this blog post is to use Object Oriented Programming to create our own Stopwatch class. Step 1: Stopwatch Class and its constructor First

Poker Card Game (JavaScript)


In this challenge we will create a one-player game of poker based on the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker. In a game of Texas Hold’em Poker, for each round, five “community cards” are dealt face-up on the “board”. Each player

Stacks and Queues in LMC


In this post we will investigate how to implement a queue and a stack data structure using low-level programming. We will use an upgraded version of Little Man Computer (LMC) that supports indirect addressing to to do. Implementing a Queue

Algebraic Pyramid Challenge


For the purpose of this challenge we will use algebraic pyramids pointing downwards (or upside down pyramids!). The idea of this mathematical puzzle is to fill in all the bricks of a pyramid based on the following rule: To work