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The Monty Hall Problem

The Monty Hall problem is a counter-intuitive brain teaser based on probabilities. This puzzle is named after Monty Hall, the TV presenter of “Let’s Make a Deal”, an American TV show (known as “Deal or No Deal” in the UK)

Denary to Binary Conversion Algorithm

In this challenge, we are going to write al algorithm to convert a decimal (aka Denary) number between 0 and 255 into binary using 1 Byte (=8 bits). Before attempting this challenge you may practise your denary to binary conversion:

Software Crosswords

A computer system consists of both hardware (the physical components of the computer) and software: the programs that run on this hardware. There are three main categories of software: Operating Systems: software that controls the computer hardware: The operating system

Short Path Algorithm Practice

Before completing this task, you will need to familiarise yourself with the following 2 algorithms used to find the shortest path between two nodes of a weighted graph: Dijkstra’s Short Path Algorithm A* Algorithm Dijkstra’s Short Path Algorithm For each

TCP/IP Stack: Network Layers and Protocols

The TCP/IP Stack is a model that governs how data is transmitted from one computer to another via an IP network such as the Internet. Internet communication includes using a web browser to access a webpage from a websever, sending

Snow Poem Algorithm

The following algorithm is inspired by a poem by Brian Bilston called “snow poem”. On this poem, each word represents a snowflake gently and randomly falling from the sky. On the last verse of this poem, you can see how

Programming Terminology – Drag and Drop

To be a good carpenter, you need to be able to identify and select the right tools to complete your project. For instance, the main wood working tools used by carpenters are: Chisel, Hand Saw, Hammer, Screwdriver, Hand Plane, Caliper,

Laser Maze Game in Python

In this Python programming challenge, we are going to recreate the game “Laser Maze”. The aim is to redirect a laser beam across a given stage in order to reach the exit gate of the stage. The laser can only

Battle of the Knights

For this Python programming challenge, you are going to create a Battle game where two knights will fight each other till death! Your game will use a text-based user interface (using ASCII art to represent the knights) and will produce

Knight Name Generator

In this Python challenge, we are going to create two functions to generate the name of a Knight and their coat of arms. Name Generator Let’s first generate the name of our knight. To do so we will code a