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Space Explorer: The Way Back Home

You are onboard a spaceship lost in a distant galaxy, far far away from planet Earth. Your aim is to return to planet Earth by using teleportation gates (black holes) to jump from one galaxy to another until you can

The Lost Treasures of Pirate Island

Be the captain of your own pirate ship and sail the seven seas to find the 32 lost treasures of pirate island. Follow the instructions given to locate these treasures. But be aware, the sea is dangerous and its storms

Cryptic Puzzles – Computer Networks

Before attempting to solve this challenge, you should familiarise yourself with the different types of clues that cryptic definitions can be based on. Effectively, the definitions given in a cryptic crossword, will almost never be a literal meaning of the

Computer Science – Cryptic Crossword #02

Here is our second cryptic crossword for computer scientists! You can access our first cryptic crossword on this page. Before attempting to solve this challenge, you should familiarise yourself with the different types of clues that the crossword definitions can

Ice Cream Price Calculator

Your local ice cream shop would like to set up a touchscreen tablet on the counter for their customers to customise their ice cream order and automatically calculate the cost of their ice cream. Here are the options available when

Revision Progress Tracker Algorithm

It’s nearly the end of the school year and you have started to revise for your Computer Science end of year exam. To help you keep track of your revision, you have decided to write a computer program to calculate

Search Engine Indexing… In your own words…

Before completing this task, you will need to revise how search engine indexing works and how the page rank algorithm is used to decide which pages should appear at the top of your search results when using a search engine

Average Lap Time Calculator

An Athletics club is planning to create an app to record the lap time of different runners during a 400 x 4 relay race. Their app will capture and store the names of the runners involved in the relay race

Return On Investment Calculator

A group of students have setup a young enterprise at the start of the year and are now evaluating how successful their business was. One approach to evaluate the profitability of a business is to calculate both the profit (or

Storage Units Conversions – Quiz

The following diagram is a quick recap of the main storage units used to estimate the size of a file or the storage capacity of a storing device. Take the Quiz! (open full screen)