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Using a Trace Table on a Low Level Program


In the following set of challenges, we will use a trace table to demonstrate the impact of the FDE cycle on the main registers: Program Counter (PC) Memory Address Register (MAR) Memory Data Register (MDR) Current Instruction Register (CIR) Accumulator

A Level Computer Science Revision

Getting ready for your A Level Computer Science exam? Test our knowledge by answering all the following questions:

Debugging and refining an algorithm – Q&A

online-assessment Question 1[4 marks] Zara has created the following program in her computer science lesson. The aim of this program is to find out if the user is old enough to vote or not, the voting age being 18 years old.

Refining Algorithms – Q&A

online-assessment Question 1[3 marks] Somjay has created the following program in his computer science lesson. The aim of this program is to generate and display five random “lucky” numbers every time this program is executed. Here is his Python code: Somjay’s

Discount Price Calculator – Q&A

online-assessment Question 1[10 marks] Oksana has created the following program in her computer science lesson. The aim of this program is to calculate the price after discount of a list of products bought by a customer. Here is her Python code:

Mode Algorithm using a Hash Table


In this challenge we will compare two methods used to calculate the mode value of a list of numbers. In Maths, The mode is the value that appears most often in a set of data. For instance, considering the following

Job Scheduling Algorithms – Q&A

cpu-chip Question 1[20 marks] One of the main purpose of the Operating System is to control the hardware and more specifically the CPU. The CPU performs all the jobs/processes requested by the different applications. A scheduler is a program of the

Disk Scheduling Algorithms


A hard drive is a magnetic storage device consisting of several disks (a.k.a. platters) where data is stored. Each disk is divided into many concentric circular tracks. Each track contains several sectors where data is stored. When the Operating System

Information Board: Javascript Challenge


In this challenge we are creating an information board that displays key messages on a LED screen that consists of 4 rows of 20 characters. We have created the HTML, and CSS code to render the board on the screen

The 4 Stages of the Compilation Process

high-level-code Can you identify and describe the 4 stages of the compilation process? Task 1: Drag and Drop Complete the drag and drop activity below to label the 4 stages of the compilation process with for each stage their input and