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3D Snowman


In this blog post we will use Glowscript to create a 3D animation of a snowman. Our aim is to create our snowman by adding different 3D shapes such as spheres, cylinders, cones, etc. We will then create a compound

Target Detection Algorithm


In star wars movies, most spaceships are fitted with laser cannons to shoot enemy spaceships. To assist the pilot, these spaceships have built-in targeting computers that enable them to aim the cannon and inform them when their target is within

Periodic Table of Programming Concepts


This periodic table of programming concepts list the main concepts and techniques used in procedural programming. High level procedural programming languages such as Python, Visual Basic, C, etc. enable you to use most, if not all of these concepts in

My Javascript Calculator


For this challenge, you will use your HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a fully functional calculator as follows: Before attemtping this challenge, make sure you gain a full understanding of how HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used on a

A Puzzling Algorithm


Test Plan To understand what this algorithm is meant to do, we will predict its expected output for different input values and record our predicted outputs in a test plan. Test # Input Values Expected Output #1 a = 7b

Understanding Bitmap Pictures


In this blog post we are investigating what are bitmap pictures and how they are stored on a computer using binary code. Bitmap Pictures? Bitmap pictures (aslo called raster graphics) are computer graphics made of pixels of different colours. Pictures

The Pizzaiolo’s Puzzle

Vogel's Model

A pizzaiolo (a man who makes pizza) has been asked to produce a very large pizza, to sprinkle some Parmesan cheese evenly on the pizza and to spread a full jar of black olives (approximately 80 olives) on the pizza.

The Box Swap Puzzle


How many steps would it take to move the chicken into box b and the elephant into box a, knowing that you cannot have more than one animal per box? Using variables In a computer program, variables are used to

Word Unscramble Challenge


In this challenge, we will create a Word Unscramble quiz where the computer will randomly pick up words from a given list, scramble the letters of the word, output the scrambled word (anagram) and ask the user to guess the

Lunar Craters Challenge


The Moon’s surface is covered with thousands of craters. These are caused by asteroids and meteorites colliding with the lunar surface. In this challenge, we will use Python Turtle to create a drawing of the Moon with a random selection