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Logic Gates Circuits in Cars

In this set of challenges you will design and test some logic gates circuits to control different automated features of a car including: Automatic Headlights System Interior Light System Automatic Windscreen Wipers System

The Computer Shop – SQL Task

Working for an online computer shop, you have been asked to assist customers in finding the best computer deal to match their requirements and needs. Your shop has access to a large variety of laptop and desktop computers and hence

The Bike Shop – SQL Task

As a newly appointed shop assistant for your local bike shop, you have been asked to help customers find their dream bike: a bike that meets all of their requirements. Your shop has access to a large variety of mountain

Drawing flags using Python Turtle

In this challenge we will use Python Turtle to draw a range of flags on screen. First, you will need to investigate the code used to create three different flags: France Sweden Czech Republic To understand these code snippets you

Boolean Algebra using Logic Gates

Boolean Algebra is used to simplify long/complex Boolean expressions. It is needed to optimise the use of logics gates (and hence transistors) when making an electronic circuit. Considering that the CPU is made of billions of logic gates, it is

Logic Gates Challenges

For this set of challenges, your task is to design logic gates circuits in order to produce the desired output for the given inputs as described in each challenge. You can combine as many logic gates as necessary using the

Digital Padlock using Logic Gates

In this post we are going to use logic gates and D-Type Flip-Flop circuits to create a 3-bit digital padlock with a stored combination that can be reset. Let’s first investigate how we are going to store the 3-bit combination

Design your own Logic Gates Circuits

In this blog post your will use our logic gates circuits simulator to create and test your own circuits. Circuit #1 Our first circuit will be based on the following Boolean Expression: Click on the above circuit to open it

GCSE Computer Science Revision

Getting ready for your GCSE Computer Science exams? Test our knowledge by answering all the following questions:

Daily Protocolometer

In this post, we are investigating our daily use of the main protocols used when accessing the Internet while using our smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, tablet, smartTV or game console. Protocols are an essential concept to enable network communications