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Finding the Factors of… (LMC Challenge)

The aim of this challenge is to write a program using LMC to list all the factors of a given number. The program will: Ask the user to enter a positive number (e.g. 12) Display all the factors of this

The Fish and Chips Puzzle

To complete this puzzle, we first need to investigate the following lines of code: What would be the output of this code if you executed it? Your challenge: Complete lines 3,4 and 5, so that line 6 outputs “fish and

Cryptography Challenge

Cryptography, or cryptology is the practice and study of techniques for secure communication. Cryptography relies on using more or less complex encryption algorithms to encode a readable message (plaintext) into a collection of characters (ciphertext) that is hard to decipher

Back to the Future – Time Machine

In this Python challenge, we are going to investigate how to manipulate dates in Python using the datetime library. The aim of this challenge is to write a piece of code to control the Time Machine found in the De

Cumulative Elevation Gain Calculator

In mountaineering, running or cycling the cumulative elevation gain (aka total ascent) refers to the sum of every gain in elevation throughout an entire trip. Note that when calculating this elevation gain, elevation losses are not counted in this measure.

Maths Fraction Hack Algorithm

In this challenge we are going to use an easy hack to quickly compare two fractions without having to calculate their decimal value. For instance, can you quickly tell which of the following two fractions is bigger? Fraction Hack: The

The Mesh Network Puzzle

The mesh network puzzle consists of creating a partial mesh network that consists of: Three workstations (client computers) Three servers: a file server, an e-mail server and a web server. Network Requirements Each client computer will need to be connected

Solved Challenges

Solved Challenges (for members)

Bouncing Algorithm in a platform game

In this blog post we will investigate how to implement a bouncing algorithm used either in a platform game when the main sprite collides with a platform or in a breakout game when the ball bounce against a brick. (x,y)

Egg Code Stamp Decoder

Did you know that in the UK (and also in most European countries), the eggs you buy in a shop must be stamped with a code that can help you find out more about how and where your eggs were