Revision Progress Tracker Algorithm

It’s nearly the end of the school year and you have started to revise for your Computer Science end of year exam. To help you keep track of your revision, you have decided to write a computer program to calculate the percentage of revision that you have already completed.

This program will:

  • Store a list of all the topics you need to revise to get ready for your exam
  • For each topic in this list, ask you if you have completed the revision on this topic (Yes / No question)
  • Use your answers to calculate a percentage score of your progress so far using the following formula:


Your algorithm will be based on the following flowchart:

Python Code

Your Task is to complete the code for this algorithm!

Extension Task

Could you amend this code to read the list of topics from a CSV file instead of having these stored within the code itself. This would allow you to store a list of topics for different subjects and ask at the start of the program, which subject to track the progress of.



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