Air Flight Route Planner

plane-globeFor this challenge you will use a graph data structure to create an Air Fligh Route Planner for a fictitious airline company offering flights across Europe.

Here is a map showing all the direct flights offered by this airline company:

Your task consists of implementing a graph data structure to store all the airports and connections for the above map using Python.

You will then use a range of algorithms to let the user choose an origin and a destination (e.g. From Dublin to Athens) and your program will:

  • Inform the user if there is a direct fight to match the user requirements,
  • If not, inform the user of the shortest route between the two airports, indicating all the stops between both airports.

Tip: To complete this challenge, we recommend you to be familiar with graph data structures (and how to implement them in Python) and key algorithms used with graphs (including shortest path algorithm) by reading our blog post: London Underground Journey Planner.

Complete the code using Python

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