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Are you considering becoming a member to access solutions/code listings for our computing challenges? If so, the following FAQ should help you take the right decision.

Do I need to be member to use the challenges from
No. It is completely free to access and complete all our challenges online. The membership is optional and gives you access to solutions/code listings to more than 300 of these challenges.
Is there a list of all the challenges where a solution is available to members?
Yes, you can access a full list of all the solved challenges here. There are currently more than 300 solved challenges and the list is growing as more challenges and solutions are added on a regular basis.
Will a membership give me access to solutions for all the challenges on
No, not yet! 😅 You can access a full list of all the solved challenges here.

When accessing a challenge, if a solution is provided, you can see the following message at the bottom of the page. Once logged in, this message will be replaced with the actual solution/code listing for the challenge.



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What do solutions look like?
This will depend on the type of challenge.

For programming challenges, the solution will be provided as a code listing in the language used in the blog post (e.g. Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, LMC, SQL, etc.). In most cases, the code will be provided “as is”. The solutions do not include step by step tutorials or detailed explanations. Here is an example of what a solution for a programming challenge looks like:


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Python Code

Python Code

#CMYK to RGB Conversion Algorithm -

def menu():
  print("#                              #")
  print("#      CMYK/RGB Convertor      #")
  print("#                              #")
  while option!="3":
    print("To convert from CYMK to RGB press 1")
    print("To convert from RGB to CMYK press 2")
    print("To exit press 3")
    option = input("Your choice?")

    if option=="1":
    elif option=="2":  
    elif option=="3":
      print("Good bye!")
      print("Invalid option, try again!")

def CMYK_to_RGB():
  print("You selected CMYK to RGB Conversion")
  #Add code to retrieve user inputs (C,M,Y,K)
  c = int(input("Cyan:"))
  m = int(input("Magenta:"))
  y = int(input("Yellow:"))
  k = int(input("Black:"))
  #Apply Conversion formulas
  r = int(255 * (1-c/100) * (1-k/100))
  g = int(255 * (1-m/100) * (1-k/100))
  b = int(255 * (1-y/100) * (1-k/100))
  #Output R,G,B values
  print("Red: " + str(r))
  print("Green: " + str(g))
  print("Blue: " + str(b))
def RGB_to_CMYK():
  print("You selected RGB to CMYK Conversion")
  #Add code to retrieve user inputs (R,G,B)
  r = int(input("Red: "))
  g = int(input("Green: "))
  b = int(input("Blue: "))
  #Apply Conversion formulas
  if r>=b and r>=g:
    k = 1 - r/255
  elif g>=r and g>=b:
    k = 1 - g/255
    k = 1 - b/255  
  c = (1 - r/255 - k) / (1 - k)
  m = (1 - g/255 - k) / (1 - k)
  y = (1 - b/255 - k) / (1 - k)
  #Output C,M,Y,K values
  print("Cyan: " + str(int(c*100)) + "%")
  print("Magenta: " + str(int(m*100)) + "%")
  print("Yellow: " + str(int(y*100)) + "%")
  print("Black: " + str(int(k*100)) + "%")
#Main Program Starts here

For other types of challenges (e.g. quizzes, crosswords, Q&A, …), correct answers or model answers will be provided.

How long does the membership last for?
The membership will be valid for a full year (365 days) from the day the payment is received. After a year, you will need to renew your membership to keep accessing solutions.
When will my membership be activated?
Your membership will be automatically activated on receipt of your £35 (approx. $42 USD) online payment.
Can I cancel my membership?
Your can cancel your membership at any time. However, there will be no refund of your membership fee.
Is the membership a one-off payment or a recurring payment?
The membership is a one-off standalone payment that will give you access to solutions for a full year. In this case, should you wish to extend your membership after a year, you will need renew your membership manually. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to opt for a recurring payment should you wish to do so.
Ok, I'm in! How do I become a member?
To become a member, you will need to:

  1. Fill in your details on the registration page.
  2. Click the “Register / Proceed to payment” button at the bottom of the registration form.
  3. Pay online using either a Paypal account or your credit card.

Your full year membership will be activated straight away on receipt of your payment.

What payment methods do you accept?
For now, we only accept payments via Paypal or credit card.
Can I request an invoice for my subscription?
Yes, you can request an invoice for your subscription. To do so, please fill in the form on the contact us page and let us know the date and the e-mail you have used to register. We will then e-mail you an invoice for your membership.

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I am a member... How do I access solutions?
To view solutions, you first need to be logged in using your e-mail address and password. You can access the login page here.

Once logged in, if your payment has been accepted, the solution, when available, will automatically appear at the bottom of the challenge page. You will also have a new navigation bar at the top of the website to access a list of all challenges for which a solution is provided:

On some challenges, instead of the solution, I am still seeing a message inviting me to become a member.
This is probably due to the fact that the page is cached by your browser. To view the solution, access the page again and press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page.
I have lost my password, what should I do?
If you have lost your password, you can reset it here.