Cryptic Puzzles – Computer Networks

Before attempting to solve this challenge, you should familiarise yourself with the different types of clues that cryptic definitions can be based on. Effectively, the definitions given in a cryptic crossword, will almost never be a literal meaning of the answer you are looking for. Instead, they will be based on a wordplay. When looking at a definition, you will first need to try to locate the two main hints which are:

  1. An exact definition or synonym, in much the same way as a conventional crossword clue. This can appear either at the start or at the end of the definition.
  2. Some sort of wordplay. There are many different types of wordplay that can be used. Sometimes an indicator term (a specific expression or word) will lead you to the type of wordplay that is being used.

Let’s investigate some of the most common types of cryptic crossword definitions:

Double DefinitionAnagramsAcrosticHidden WordsReversalHomophonesCharadesDeletionCrypticComplex

Double Definition:

When the clue consists of two different meanings of the same answer.
Double Definition


With these clues you will have to jumble up the letters from the clue to find the answer.


These sorts of clues means that you will have to take some of the letters (e.g. the first letter of each word, or the last letter, or every odd letter, etc.)
Acrostic Definition

Hidden Words:

When the answer is actually included within the clue itself! you just need to spot it!
Hidden Words


When you need to read a word or expression backwards, from right to left.


The answer you have will sound similar to the actual answer you are looking for! You may have to say it out loud to find it!


Charades will involve joining several parts of words together to get to the final answer.


On occasion you will need to remove one or several letters from the clue to get to the answer.

Cryptic Definition:

These can be quite challenging, using a confusing definition sometimes purposefully given in a somewhat misleading way.
Cryptic Definition

Complex Definition:

When you start combining several techniques within the same definition!
Complex Definition

Let’s have a go at solving these cryptic clues all based around Computer Networks terminology:



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