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101 Extra Computing Challenges – With Solutions / Code Listings (2019)

logo-101-Extra-Python-Challenges-book-cover-300This book covers an extra selection of 101 Python challenges from the 101computing.net website. As its predecessor – 101 Python Challenges with solutions / code listing, published in 2017 – the aim of this follow up book is to help you develop and apply your programing skills by solving carefully selected challenges. The book is organised into ten chapters to progressively introduce a range of key procedural programming concepts.

Format: Paperback, 262 Pages – Interior: Black and white
Author: Philippe Kerampran
Published: 2019
ISBN: 9780244790561

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101 Python Challenges – With Solutions / Code Listings (2017)

101 Python Challenges with Solutions / Code ListingsThis selection of 101 Python programming challenges is targeted at both learners and educators who want to find a challenging and enthusing approach to develop their programming skills using Python. In this book you will find a fully working solution to each of the 101 challenges in the form of annotated Python code listings.

We believe that being able to work on these challenges and reverse-engineer the given code will give you a fantastic opportunity to improve your Python skills while discovering new programing techniques. This selection of challenges from the 101computing.net blog will cover all of the essentials skills used in procedural programming, focusing on the key programming constructs: sequencing, selection and iteration. The 101 challenges are organised into ten chapters to help you discover and practise on using a range of programming strategies using a step by step approach.
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Format: Paperback, 236 Pages – Interior: Black and white
Author: Philippe Kerampran
Published: 2017
ISBN: 9781326948344

101 Computing Challenges (2014)

 101 Computing Challenges - Book CoverLooking for some inspiration to learn or teach Computing concepts? Fancy a new challenge?

Boost your programming skills by completing fun and enthusing computing challenges. Learn how to program using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Scratch, Python and Database software. From “Hello World” to complex retro arcade games, choose a challenge based on your abilities and interests.

This book is targeted at both learners (from 9 to 99 years old and above) and educators (parents, teachers) who want to adopt a challenging and enthusing approach towards learning about computing concepts whilst developing their programming skills.


 As a learner…

As a learner you will be able to pick up any challenge based on topics that motivate you and match your current skills. Each challenge has a level of difficulty to help you choose. The learning objectives are clearly identified so that you can focus on a challenge based on the skills that you want to develop.

As an educator/teacher…

For educators, this book can be used in many different ways. You may be running a computing club and want to find exciting challenges for students to complete together or compete against each other. Alternatively you can decide to focus on one of these challenges with your class and approach it with a more directed step by step approach to help pupils discover new skills. You can also use some of these challenges as homework tasks. Why not give students one or two of these challenges to focus on during the end of term break?

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