Ice Cream Price Calculator

Your local ice cream shop would like to set up a touchscreen tablet on the counter for their customers to customise their ice cream order and automatically calculate the cost of their ice cream.

Here are the options available when ordering an ice cream:

The new system will need a computer program to let the customer pick up their options for their ice cream. The customer should be able to specify:

     Whether they would like their ice cream to be served in a cup or on a cone
     How many scoops they would like to order (between 1 and 4)
     Whether they would like to add a flake
     Whether they would like to add some chocolate sprinkle
     Whether they would like to add a strawberry coulis

Based on the user inputs and the price list provided above, the system should automatically calculate and display the total price of the chosen ice cream.

Step 1: Draw a Flowchart for your algorithm

Before attempting to complete the code for this task, grab a piece of paper and draw the flowchart to identify the key inputs, decisions and calculations for your algorithm.

Alternatively, you can also create your flowchart online:
Flowchart Studio

Step 2: Complete the Python Code

Complete the Python code below.

Step 3: Add validation checks

To make your program more robust, add some validation rules on your inputs so that:

     The user can only enter one of the two options: Cup or Cone when selecting the container for their ice cream.
     The user can only enter a number between 1 and 4 when entering the number of scoops.
     The user can only enter Yes or No when asked whether they would like to add a flake, chocolate sprinkle or strawberry coulis.

You can find out more about implementing validation checks in Python using this page (input validation tab).

Step 4: Test Plan

Once your code is complete, test it using the following test plan to make sure all your calculations are correct!

Test # Input Values Expected Output Pass / Fail
#1 Container: Cone
Number of Scoops: 2
Toppings: Chocolate sprinkle
Ice Cream Price: £3.10
#2 Container: Cup
Number of Scoops: 3
Toppings: Flake and Strawberry Coulis
Ice Cream Price: £4.50
#3 Container: Cup
Number of Scoops: 6
Toppings: None
Please enter a number of scoops between 1 and 4
#4 Container: Cup
Number of Scoops: 1
Toppings: None
Ice Cream Price: £1.50


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