Shuffling Algorithm

Our aim is to implement a shuffling algorithm to shuffle a deck of playing cards.

To do so, we will use a list called deck to store the 52 cards of the deck as follows:

deck = ["Ace of hearts","2 of hearts","3 of hearts","4 of hearts","5 of hearts","6 of hearts","7 of hearts","8 of hearts","9 of hearts","10 of hearts","Jack of hearts","Queen of hearts","King of hearts","Ace of diamonds","2 of diamonds","3 of diamonds","4 of diamonds","5 of diamonds","6 of diamonds","7 of diamonds","8 of diamonds","9 of diamonds","10 of diamonds","Jack of diamonds","Queen of diamonds","King of diamonds","Ace of clubs","2 of clubs","3 of clubs","4 of clubs","5 of clubs","6 of clubs","7 of clubs","8 of clubs","9 of clubs","10 of clubs","Jack of clubs","Queen of clubs","King of clubs","Ace of spades","2 of spades","3 of spades","4 of spades","5 of spades","6 of spades","7 of spades","8 of spades","9 of spades","10 of spades","Jack of spades","Queen of spades","King of spades"]

Even though the random library already has a shuffle() function to shuffle the content of a list, we will ignore this function and create our own algorithm to shuffle the content of our deck of cards.

We will use the following algorithm to shuffle the deck:

Python Code

You can complete the Python code below to implement this algorithm.



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