OCR H446/01 – 2.2 Problem solving and programming

2.2 Problem solving and programming - Overview / Checklist
2.2.1 Programming techniques
(a) Programming constructs: sequence, iteration, branching.
(b) Recursion, how it can be used and compares to an iterative approach.
(c) Global and local variables.
(d) Modularity, functions and procedures, parameter passing by value and by reference.
(e) Use of an IDE to develop/debug a program.
(f) Use of object oriented techniques.
2.2.2 Computational methods
(a) Features that make a problem solvable by computational methods.
(b) Problem recognition.
(c) Problem decomposition.
(d) Use of divide and conquer.
(e) Use of abstraction.
(f) Learners should apply their knowledge of:

    data mining
    performance modelling
    visualisation to solve problems.

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