Enigma – Mission X Challenge


Dear code breaker,

I am contacting you from Bletchley Park as we are intercepting an increased volume of encrypted radio signals. We are working day and night to break the enigma codes that the German Navy are updating every day. The German U-Boats are operating in the Atlantic Ocean and are causing major casualties by sinking not only military ships from the Royal Navy but also merchant ships bringing supplies from the United States and Canada to the United Kingdom.

Luckily, we have gained access to a code book which, we believe gives us all the settings for the Enigma M3 machine, for each day of this month.

Could you help us decode the following secret messages by applying the required settings to the Enigma M3 machine. I am not sure about your understanding of the German language so I have enclosed a German translation book including key German expressions.

We believe that the Germans are preparing a major attack on the south coast of England. We hope that the messages will help us find more information on the exact location and day of the attack.

Let us know if you can find out more useful information from these messages.

Yours sincerely,

Your friend, Alan T.

Mission Files

Click on the following folder to access Mission X top secret files.

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