MRX20 – Mission to Mars

mrx20-logoThe MRX20 probe was sent to Mars by the Inter-Continental Space Agency (ICSA) a few years ago. It was due to return to planet Earth just a few days ago. The probe collected a large amount of samples from the Martian soil and took thousands of high definition pictures of Mars. Initial analysis performed on site by the probe’s Artificial Intelligence seems to indicate that the probe may contain strong evidence that there is life on Mars.

Unfortunately just a few thousand miles away from Earth, the probe collided with an unidentified geostationary satellite. It was pulverised into small pieces. Most of these were either lost in space or burnt down when entering the Earth’s atmosphere. A few pieces did pierce through the atmosphere and crashed on Earth in various locations all around the globe.

The ICSA sent a team of Probe Debris Collectors (PDCs) to locate the various parts and submit back to the ICSA the exact locations and pictures of the debris found. Each PDC has been instructed to communicate with the ICSA using a secure connection using a range of encoding/encryption techniques.

The What3Words (W3W) geo-localisation system is used to inform of the exact location of the debris. Your mission is to decode the secured transmission messages to locate the position of the debris and to retrieve all the information that has been retrieved from the debris. Use this information to find out what you can learn about the existence of life on planet Mars.



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