Tag: Python Turtle

Let’s Build a Castle

In this challenge we are going to build different medieval castles by customising some Python code. Our first castle is already made for us and looks as follows: You can see, in the trinket window below, the Python code used

Python Turtle Race

In this challenge we will create a Python script to complete a Turtle race with four turtles racing across the screen. We have started the code for you to set up the pitch of grass. You will complete this project

Crenellation Challenge

In a medieval castle, the crenelation (a.k.a battlement) is a parapet at the top of a wall that has regularly spaced squared openings for archers to shoot through. In this challenge, we are going to use Python Turtle to create

Join the Dots Challenge

To complete this challenge, your task is to connect the 9 dots below using just 4 connected straight lines (without lifting your pen!). Grab a piece of paper and have a go. Alternatively, you can draw and connect the 9

The Envelope Challenge

To complete this challenge, your task is to draw the following envelope without lifting your pen and without going over the same line twice! Grab a piece of paper and have a go. Alternatively, you can draw your envelope on

Drawing flags using Python Turtle

In this challenge we will use Python Turtle to draw a range of flags on screen. First, you will need to investigate the code used to create three different flags: France Sweden Czech Republic To understand these code snippets you

Let It Snow Challenge

In this challenge, we will create a randomised Christmas card using Python Turtle. Our card will include 20 snowflakes of random sizes, colours and number of branches, randomly positioned on the canvas. We will also add some Christmas Greetings to

Mars Perseverance Rover

On February 18, 2020, NASA’s rover called “Perseverance” successfully landed on Mars. The mission of this high-tech 6-wheel rover is to explore the surrounding areas, analyse the Martian soil on different locations, take high definition pictures as well as audio

Thank You Medical Staff and Key Workers!

During the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of gratitude for the medical staff working in hospitals as well as all the other key workers who carried on working to provide essential services to their community. All over

Vera Molnár’s Artwork revisited using Python

Vera Molnár (born 1924) is a French media artist of Hungarian origin. She is considered to be a pioneer of computer art. Trained as a traditional artist, she began working with computers in 1968, where she began to create algorithmic