Backtracking Maze – Path Finder

backtracking-maze-algorithmThe purpose of this Python challenge is to demonstrate the use of a backtracking algorithm to find the exit path of Maze.

Backtracking Algorithm

A backtracking algorithm is a recursive algorithm that attempts to solve a given problem by testing all possible paths towards a solution until a solution is found. Each time a path is tested, if a solution is not found, the algorithm backtracks to test another possible path and so on till a solution is found or all paths have been tested.

The typical scenario where a backtracking algorithm is when you try to find your way out in a maze. Every time you reach a dead-end, you backtrack to try another path until you find the exit or all path have been explored.

Backtracking algorithms can be used for other types of problems such as solving a Magic Square Puzzle or a Sudoku grid.

Backtracking algorithms rely on the use of a recursive function. A recursive function is a function that calls itself until a condition is met.

Python Code

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