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Question 1[2 marks]
Class File:​
   private filename​
   //Constructor for the File class
   procedure new(strFilename):​
      filename = strFilename​

   public procedure rename(strFilename)​
      if strfilename!="":​
         filename = strFilename​

Class MP3 inherits File:​
  private title​
  private artist​
  private duration​

  //Constructor for the MP3 class
  procedure new(strFilename, strTitle, strArtist, intDuration):​
     title = strTitle       ​
     artist = strArtist​
     duration = strDuration​

  public function getDuration():​
     min = duration // 60​
     sec = duration % 60​
     return (str(min) + ":" + str(sec))

What code would you write to instantiate one new MP3 object called topTrack for the latest 3 minutes 12 seconds song “Shivers” from Ed Sheeran?

Question 2[4 marks]

What are all the methods and properties of the MP3 class?

Question 3[4 marks]

Explain, using an example from this code, what is meant by inheritance?

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