Performance Modelling & Data Visualisation – Q&A

Question 1[2 marks]
road-network A small town wants to improve the traffic within the town centre at peak time. They are considering using a synchronised traffic lights system to fluidify the traffic. But before replacing all existing traffic lights and installing new ones, they would like to use some performance modelling system to evaluate the impact the new traffic lights could have on the traffic.

A graphic designer has produced the following map of the town centre. This map will be used for the main screen of the performance modelling system.

Explain why the above map is an abstraction of the town centre.
Question 2[6 marks]
Describe how the new performance modelling system could use different data visualisation techniques to represent key information about the traffic in the town centre.
Question 3[6 marks]
Evaluate the benefits and limitations for the town to use a performance modelling system in this context?
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