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Fetching Data using a Multiplexer


In our previous blog posts we have looked at a few logic gates circuits used inside a CPU to perform binary additions (Half adders and full adders) and to retain a bit of information using a D-Type flip-flop circuit (Data

Random Access Memory using Logic Gates


In our previous blog post, “Binary Additions using Logic Gates”, we investigated how logic gates can be used together to create a circuit used in the ALU (Arithmetic & Logic Unit of the CPU) to add two binary numbers together.

Binary Additions using Logic Gates


In our previous blog post “from transistors to processors” we found out that the CPU consists of logic gates, which are made using transistors. In this blog post we are looking at how these logic gates can be combined to

From transistors to micro-processors

2nd Generation of computers used Transistors

Vacuum Tubes and Transistors: Many consider the transistor to be one of the most important inventions of all time. Though the precursors of the transistor were invented in 1907 (at the time they were not transistors yet, they were vacuum