Python Turtle – WordArt Challenge

In this challenge we will use Python Turtle to draw text on screen and customise the appearance of our text.

To do so we have created our own font as a Python dictionary. Each letter of the alphabet is represented as a set of (x,y) coordinates as follows:
We will then use these coordinates to trace a line using Python Turtle using a “dot-to-dot” approach.

WordArt #1: Dot-To-Dot Text

WordArt #2: Oblique Text

WordArt #3: Circular Text

Your Challenge

Customise the code above to create your own WordArt effects such as:

  • Growing Text: Write text where each letter is bigger than the previous one.
  • Backwards Text: Write text where the text is written backwards.
  • Vertical Text: Write text where the text is written vertically.
  • Wrapped Text: Write text where long text is written across multiple lines.
  • Reflective Text: Write text with its own reflection underneath.

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