Network Design – Drag & Drop

Can you identify some of the main hardware components that you will find in a small Client-Server Local Area Network?

Before competing this activity, you may want to read more about network design concepts.

Task 1: Network Design Drag and Drop

Complete the fill in the gaps activity below to label this network diagram:

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Task 2: Q&A

Answer the following questions, in the context of the above Local Area Network.

Question 1[6 marks]
Can you describe the purposes of the following network components used in the above Local Area Network:




File Server: 

E-Mail Server: 

Question 2[2 marks]
The above network is a Client Server network as it includes servers which provide a dedicated services to all the computers/workstations connected to the network. Can you identify two other types of servers, other than File Server and E-Mail Server, that can be used on a Client-Server network?
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