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TCP/IP Stack: Network Layers and Protocols

The TCP/IP Stack is a model that governs how data is transmitted from one computer to another via an IP network such as the Internet. Internet communication includes using a web browser to access a webpage from a websever, sending

IP Addresses (IPv4, IPv6), MAC Addresses & URLs

In this blog post, we are going to learn about the format of different addresses used on computer networks to uniquely identify hardware devices. We will investigate the use and format of: IPv4 Addresses, IPv6 Addresses, MAC Addresses. IPv4 Addresses

Network Design – Drag & Drop

Can you identify some of the main hardware components that you will find in a small Client-Server Local Area Network? Before competing this activity, you may want to read more about network design concepts. Task 1: Network Design Drag and

Computer Networks – Noughts & Crosses

Test your knowledge of essential Computer Networks concepts by playing a game of noughts and crosses against the computer… First you, may want to find out more about the purpose of some key network components using the following slideshow… Need

Network Design Quiz

Before completing this quiz about key network design concepts including network hardware, network topology and types and characteristics of computer networks, you may want to read through the following blog post about network design. Take the Quiz! (open full screen)

Office Network Design Task

A small IT company would like your help to improve the performance of their network. They have a range of network components, all connected using ethernet cables but are not too sure how all the equipment are connected together. Before

Network Design Tasks

In this post we will investigate the different components needed to set up a network. We will investigate specific customer requirements to create suitable network designs. You will use our online network design tool to create these designs using the

Computer Networks Crossword

Are you confident with your knowledge of network design concepts? Can you identify the purpose of the main network components used to set up a LAN or a WAN? You can find out more about key network design concepts on

Network Design

In this post we will investigate the different components needed to set up a network. We will investigate their purpose and how all the devices are connected together to create a basic network diagram/design. Your task will then to design

Computer Networks Concepts

Click on the picture below to check your knowledge of key Network concepts: Network components and Internet concepts.