Art Expo – Code Breaking Challenge

The most prestigious art exhibition is about to start at Tate Modern, London, UK. For the purpose of this exhibition, paintings from all over the world have been securely transported to London using a state of the art protection system called the multi-safe.

The multi-safe contains 12 individual locked compartments which are large enough to store one painting each. Each compartment is locked using a rotating combination locking system. Each combination consists of 3 numbers.

For security purposes, the actual combinations are kept secret and the Gallery manager has only been given access to 12 coding puzzles that will be necessary to retrieve the combinations and unlock the multi-safe 12 compartments. The gallery manager needs you to help him access to the world’s 12 most famous paintings before the gran opening of the Expo Art exhibition.

Before attempting this task, you should practice unlocking this padlock, by spinning the padlock wheel and using the combination provided below:

You now have under 1 hour to unlock the 12 compartments of the secure artwork storing safe. Good luck!

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