EasyFlights – Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

easyflights-logoEasyFlights is an international airline company operating all over the world. As part of a total rollout of all their IT systems, they would like you to suggest the most suitable ERD to be used to design the relational database of their new Management Information System.

They would like the EasyFlights database to be the central place to store information about:

    Store information about the different airports they serve,
    Store information about their fleet of aircrafts,
    Store information about their employees (e.g. pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, admin staff etc.),
    Store information about their direct flights,
    Store information about their customers,
    Store information about tickets being booked.

When a customer books a flight (buys a ticket) the following rules apply:

    Customers can only book one direct flight at a time. This means that to book a round trip, a customer will have to make two distinct bookings (buy two tickets).
    All bookings are for direct flights only. If a customer wants to embark on an “indirect flight” (e.g. London – Sydney via Singapore) they will have to book two or more direct flights separately. (e.g. Book a ticket for a direct flight between London and Singapore and another ticket for a direct flight between Singapore and Sydney.)
    There is no option for group bookings: When a family or a group (2 or more customers) want to fly together, each member of the family/group will have to make a separate booking for their flight.

The database will be used to find out all the key information about the different flights such as:

    Date & Time of the flight,
    Departure Airport,
    Destination Airport,
    Aircraft being used for this flight,
    List of all passengers expected on board,
    List of all members of staff expected on board.

Entity Relationship Diagram

Your task is to use our online ERD tool to design the Entity Relationship Diagram for this airline company. Note that you have not been given any information about the pieces of information to store about the customers, employees, planes, airports, flights and bookings so you will have to decide of the most relevant fields to include on your ERD.

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