What’s my grade?


Learning Objectives:

By completing this challenge you are going to further improve your skills at using:

  • Selection structures (using If statements),
  • Comparison operators (<, <=, >, >=, !=, ==)
  • Boolean logic (AND, OR) when using comparative operators

You may want to use our Python Cheat Sheet to complete this challenge looking especially at the section called “If Statements” and the section called “Comparison Operators”.

Your Challenge

Create a user friendly program that asks a user to input their exam score out of 60 marks. The program should output the grade that they have received using the grade boundaries listed in the table below.

Mark Grade
54+ A*
48 – 53 A
42 – 47 B
36 – 41 C
30 – 35 D
24 – 29 E
0 – 23 U

The program should also tell the user how many marks they are away from the next grade up.

Your Python code…



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