Victor Vasarely’s Artwork revisited using Python

VasarelyIn this blog post we are looking at a specific painting from Victor Vasarely. The painting is from a serie of paintings called “Alphabet Plastique” and was painted in the 70’s.

We are going to try to recreate this painting using the turtle library in Python.

Did you know?

Victor Vasarely is a unique artist in the history of twentieth century art. Famous during his lifetime, he distinguished himself from contemporary art with the creation of a new movement: optical art. The evolution of his life of work is inherently coherent, progressing from graphic art to the artist’s determination to promote a social art that is accessible to all.

First attempt

Your Challenge

Search the internet for some artwork from Vasarely’s “Alphabet Plastique” collection and use this as a source of inspiration. Using the turtle library in Python (See script above), create your own piece of artwork inspired from your research.
Victor Vasarely - Selection

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