Voting Age Checker – Flowchart

For this challenge you are going to code a script to ask a user how old they are and inform them as to whether they are old enough to vote or not. If they are not old enough to vote, the script will calculate how many years the user will have to wait before being allowed to vote.



Task #1

Recreate this flowchart by writing the pseudo-code of this algorithm using

Task #2

Implement this code using Python.

Task #3

Test your code. Is it behaving the way you would expect? What input data could you use to test your code?

Test # Input Values Expected Output Actual Output
#1 Age: 21 You can vote
#2 Age: 16 You will be able to vote in 2 years.
#3 Age: 100 You can vote.
#4 Age: 0 You will be able to vote in 18 years.
#5 Age: 18 You can vote
#6 Age: (leave blank) Error Message
#7 Age: “I am fifteen years old” Error Message

Task #4: Improve your code

How could you improve your code to fix some of the errors you have spotted by completing your test plan? What validation routines could you add to this code to make it more robust?


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