The Marauder’s Map Coding Challenges

Welcome to Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry! For this set of challenges, you will be helping the famous wizard, Harry Potter, to recover all of his magical possessions.

Effectively, it would seem that a malevolent wizard did cast a spell on Harry Potter’s belongings. As a consequence, twelve of Harry Potter’s favourite magical objects have been buried on the school premises, within or around Hogwarts Castle.

Harry found a note on his bed containing 12 encoded messages that look like some kind of magical algorithms. He believes that he could use Professor Dumbledore’s Marauder’s Map to help him locate his 12 magical objects. However, Harry needs your help to decode these algorithms. Will you be able to use the Marauder’s Map and decode the 12 algorithms to locate all of Harry Potter’s magical artefacts?

The Marauder’s Map Coding ChallengesOpen in New Window
The Marauder’s Map Coding ChallengesOpen in New Window

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