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BBC micro:bit – Tetris Game

For this challenge we are creating a game of Tetris to play on the BBC micro:bit. The game will be based on the following four shapes: The game will use the following inputs: Button A: Move current brick to the

BBC micro:bit – Rock Paper Scissors Game

For this challenge you need to code your micro:bit so that when you shake the micro:bit a picture appears randomly. There should be three possible pictures: A picture of a rock, A picture of a pair of scissors, A picture

BBC micro:bit – Higher or Lower Game

For this challenge you will design and write a program to play against the BBC micro:bit. The micro:bit will display a random number between 0 and 100. It will then ask the end-user whether they believe the next number will

BBC micro:bit – Roll the Dice

In this challenge we will code our BBC micro:bit to create a “rolling dice” animation. Our code will generate random numbers between 1 and 6 to create the animation and will include 8 frames. The last frame will be the

BBC micro:bit – Digital Compass

In this challenge we will use the compass sensor from the BBC micro:bit to create a digital compass. Based on the compass heading (retrieved ftom the sensor), the micro:bit will display one of the four cardinal points: N for North

BBC micro:bit – Magic 8 Ball

For this project we are going to code our micro:bit to act as a magic 8 ball: The user will think of a question such as: Will it be snowing tomorrow? Will I be a rock star one day? Will

BBC micro:bit – Ticketing System

Your challenge consists of programming your BBC micro:bit to use it as a ticketing system. Ticketing systems are used in a shop to control the order of the queue of customers: The queue should start at the value 0, and

BBC micro:bit – Voting System

In this challenge you will create a voting system using the BBC micro:bit. You can complete the code online on the BBC micro:bit website. The idea is to use the BBC micro:bit in the classroom to conduct a survey by

BBC micro:bit – Ukulele Chord Reader

For this challenge we are going to build a Ukulele Chord Reader for Eric Clapton’s version of the song: “Knock on Heaven’s Door” (Original Author Bob Dylan). You may want to listen to the song first on youtube The idea

BBC micro:bit – Simon Game

In this blog post we are looking at recreating a fully working Simon Game using the BBC micro:bit. If you are not sure what a Simon Game is you can check it on this wikipedia page. You can watch the