BBC micro:bit – Ukulele Chord Reader

For this challenge we are going to build a Ukulele Chord Reader for Eric Clapton’s version of the song: “Knock on Heaven’s Door” (Original Author Bob Dylan).

You may want to listen to the song first on youtube

The idea is to use the 25 LEDs of the micro:bit to display each chord of the song to assist a Ukulele player.

First let’s see how a chord works when using a Ukulele:

This is how we will represent the F chord on the BBC micro:bit:

Knock on Heaven’s Door

Now let’s look at the full music sheet for “Knock on Heaven’s Door” by Eric Clapton:


Your task consists of coding your BBC micro:bit ( to represent each chord using the 25 LEDs.


If you are not sure how to get started, we have started the code for you:

Your Task

Use the BBC micro:bit website to code the song. You will need to complete the code provided above to implement the full verse as provided on the above music sheet.

Extension Task 1:

Could you amend your code so that the song restart from the beginning whenever the user presses the A button of the micro:bit.

Extension Task 2:

Could you amend your code further so that the user can use the B button to pause and/or resume the song at any time.

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