Robotics: Self-Parking Challenge

New cars are fully loaded with technology. Manufacturers are working on new systems to facilitate the driving experience. Self-parking systems will soon be available on most cars.

Let’s look at what the technology can do:

Your Challenge

Build and program a robot that can scan a parking bay to find an an empty space and park itself in this space.

Our recommendations:

To complete this robotics challenge we recommend the following technology:

  • Lego Mindstroms – NXT
  • Echanting Software

If you are familiar with the Scratch user interface, then you will love Enchanting as it provides a Scratch based user Interface for your Lego Mindstorms NXT robot.
Find out more about Enchanting on:

Find out more about self-driving cars on our STEM Lab.

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2 comments on “Robotics: Self-Parking Challenge
  1. Lyndsay Hope says:

    What a fascinating article… i’m particularly interested in the Enchanted software since we use Mindstorms with students in a wide range of age groups.

    I’m also interested to know, for my students, whether this is a competition and, if so, when the deadline is?

    Thanks for your post.


    Lyndsay Hope

    • 101CC says:

      Hi Lyndsay,

      Thanks for your positive comments.

      The Enchanting software is free to download and works with the NXT Lego mindstorms. I find it a lot more intuitive than the Lego mindstorms software. It does require you to Flash the firmware on the NXT brick (Find out more on the Enchanting FAQ page). Basically it will prompt you as soon as you connect the Lego brick to your computer with Enchanting running. By pressing ok, it replaces the Lego OS with leJOS straight away.

      Otherwise, regarding the blog post, it is not a competition, just an idea of a challenge to motivate students.