Google Self-Driving Car: Flowchart

Google Self-Driving car is controlled by computer algorithms.

In our previous post we looked at how to create a self-parking robot using Lego NXT and Enchanting software.

For this challenge all we will need is a pen and some paper, or if you prefer you can use to draw a flowchart online.

Initial Investigation

Firstly, read this article or watch the video clip about the Google Self Driving Car. This article will appear with a set of questions for you to think about how the Google car works.

Your Challenge

Let’s look at the crossroads with traffic lights scenario. Using create the flowchart or pseudocode for the computer algorithm of the Google Self-Driving car, knowing that the SatNav of the car is advising the car to turn right at this junction.

The following picture may help you get started. However you will most likely need extra blocks to cater for all possibilities.GoogleCarFlowchart

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