The Honeycomb Challenge

honeycomb-pattern-300Honeycomb is a structure of hexagonal cavities (cells of wax), made by bees to store honey and eggs.

In this challenge we will use a set of iterative algorithms to draw a honeycomb pattern.

First, we will create a function to draw a single hexagonal cavity. Our function called drawCavity() will take three parameters:

  • x – the x coordinates to position the hexagon.
  • y – the x coordinates to position the hexagon.
  • edgeLength – the length in pixels of an edge of the hexagon.


We will then need to use some nested for loops in order to tessellate the hexagonal cell to recreate a 2D honeycomb pattern.

Python Code

We have started the code for you, using Python Turtle. You will need to complete this code further to complete the pattern fully.

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