Captain Redbeard’s Treasure

pirateWe need your coding skills to locate the treasure of Captain Redbeard. The legend holds that Redbeard was a great pirate who sailed the Caribbean Sea, fiercely attacking any vessels from the British Navy he would encounter.

Redbeard was killed in battle with the British Navy in 1743. Legend holds that he received 20 stab wounds and five gunshot wounds before finally succumbing.

But the legend also tells us that he buried his treasure before his final battle on Paradise Island, in the Caribbean waters. On his ship the British Navy found a treasure map with a set of instructions that they have not been able to decode yet.

Will you be able to help them locate Captain Redbeard treasure?

Map of Paradise Island:


Captain Redbeard’s Instructions:

Can you tell where Captain Redbeard’s treasure has been buried for all these years?

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