The Mesh Network Puzzle

The mesh network puzzle consists of creating a partial mesh network that consists of:

  • Three workstations (client computers)
  • Three servers: a file server, an e-mail server and a web server.
    • Network Requirements

      Each client computer will need to be connected to all three servers using a partial mesh topology. The direct connections between a workstation and a server will be done using Ethernet cables.

      The constraint for this puzzle is that you are not allowed to cross over Ethernet cables!!!

      Here is our first attempt at solving this puzzle! in this attempt, you can see that we cannot connect the third workstation to the file server without crossing over an ethernet cable!

      Your Turn

      Grab a piece of paper and draw three workstations and three servers. Try to connect them following the requirements for this network.

      Alternatively, you can draw your network topology on this online whiteboard:

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