Thank You Medical Staff and Key Workers!

During the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of gratitude for the medical staff working in hospitals as well as all the other key workers who carried on working to provide essential services to their community.

All over the UK, children have drawn or painted colourful rainbows and have displayed them on their windows or front doors.

In this challenge, we will use some python code to draw a rainbow and a “Thank You” message to all medical staff and key workers.

This is what the output of our code should look like:

Your Task

We have written the code using Python Turtle but it does not produce the expected outcome.

Could you:

  • Change lines 20 to 28 to make sure the code displays the colours of the rainbow in the right order
  • Change lines 30 to 35 to make sure the stars and text are of the right colours.

The output of your code should be the same as the above picture.

Extension Task

You can tweak this code further to change the message or improve the overall look and feel further for instance by adding more stars and playing with the colours used to display the text.



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