Snowflake Challenge


Learning Objectives

In this challenge we will use our Python Turtle skills to draw a snowflake.

We will use iteration (For Loop) to recreate each branch of the snowflake.

Step 1: The first branch

First, let’s recap on the main Python Turtle commands:

  • myPen.color(“red”)
  • myPen.forward(100)
  • myPen.right(90)
  • myPen.left(45)
  • myPen.penup()
  • myPen.pendown()
  • myPen.goto(0,0)

snowflake_branchUsing these commands you will need to draw the following pattern:

Step 2: Using a For Loop to complete the snowflake

You are now going to use a for loop to repeat all of this code 6 times and complete your snowflake. Make sure that between each iteration you turn your turtle by 60 degrees.

Remember to use our Python Cheat Sheet to find out how the For loop works.

Video Tutorial

Challenge 2: Let it Snow

Tweak your code to create more complex snowflakes:

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