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RGB Colour Code?

rgb-coloursEvery colour on the screen can be represented using an RGB code (Red, Green, Blue) code. This code consists of three numbers between 0 and 255, indicating how much red, green and blue are used to recreate the colour. For instance the RGB code for:

  • Red is (255,0,0)
  • Green is (0,255,0)
  • Blue is (0,0,255)
  • Yellow is (255,255,0)
  • Orange is (255,165,0)

Using the RGB colour code we can identify 224 colours: that’s 16,777,216 unique colours!

Graphic designer and software programmer sometimes prefer to use another notation based on hexadecimal RGB code where each of the three decimal values are converted into a two-digit hexadecimal code, resulting in a 6-digit hexadecimal code. For instance:

  • Red is #FF000
  • Green is #00FF00
  • Blue is #0000FF
  • Yellow is #FFFF00
  • Orange is #FFA500

Check the following RGB Color picker to see how RGB codes work:

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