Python Turtle – Sequence

Looking at the following code can you explain the purpose of each Python Turtle instruction:

  • myPen.color(“red”)
  • myPen.forward(100)
  • myPen.right(90)
  • myPen.left(45)
  • myPen.penup()
  • myPen.pendown()
  • myPen.goto(0,0)

Challenge #1: Sequencing

Writing a program that consists of a linear list of instructions written in a specific order is called sequencing.

Your Challenge

Use all of the instructions mentionned above to complete a drawing of your choice.

Challenge #2: Iteration

By using a loop you can repeat a set of instructions many times. This is called iteration.
Check the following challenge to create complex drawing using iteration.

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  1. Thomas says:

    My code: spaceship

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