Monopoly Quiz

monopolyFor this challenge you will create a quiz based on the game of Monopoly.

The computer will randomly display a street name from the list of streets used in the game and the user will have to guess the colour used in the game for the selected street.

The user will score one point per correct answer and will be asked to guess the colour of ten different streets, one at a time. At the end the user will be given their score out of ten.

To get you started with this challenge we have created three text files to cater for different audiences:


To complete this challenge you will need to read more about how to read through a CSV file.

Complete the Code

We have started the code for you but you will need to complete it to meet all the requirements of this game.

Extension Task #1

Add a menu option at the beginning to ask the user if they want to play with the UK, US or French monopoly.

Extension Task #2

Ask the user to enter their name and store their name and final score in a leaderboard text file. See leaderboard challenge.


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