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Learning Objectives

In this challenge you will improve your string manipulation techniques as well as use Python to perform some basic mathematical calculations.

Did you know?

The molecular weight (mass) may be calculated from the molecular formula of the substance; it is the sum of the atomic weights of the atoms making up the molecule. The molecular mass is expressed in atomic mass unit (amu).

For example, water has the molecular formula H2O, indicating that there are two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen in a molecule of water.

Atom Atomic Mass Quantity Total Mass
H 1.008 2 2.016
O 15.999 1 15.999
H20 18.015

In the following script we use a Python dictionary called atomicMass to store the atomic mass of some of the main atoms (C, H, O…)

We then work out the molecular mass of water: H20.

Your Challenge

Adapt this script to get the program ask the end-user to enter a molecular formula of their choice.
Using string manipulation techniques your Python script will break down the formula entered by the end-user and calculate the total mass of the molecule.

Test your script with the following molecules:

Molecule Formula
Water H2O
Carbon Dioxide CO2
Methane CH4
Butane C4H10
Carbonic Acid H2CO3
Acetone CH3COCH3
Lactose C12H22O11

Challenge #2

Add more atoms to the atomMass dictionary as follows:

Atom Atomic Mass
Fe 53.939
Ag 106.905
Cu 62.929
Na 22.989
Cl 34.968

Adapt your script so that it recognises when these atoms are used by the end-user when entering their molecular formula. This will be based on the use of uppercase & lowercase letters.

Test your script with the following molecules:

Molecule Formula
Sodium Chloride NaCl
Iron Oxide Fe2O3
Copper Chloride Hydroxide HOCuCl


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