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Text Alignment Challenge

This challenge focuses on the use of string manipulation techniques in order to format the output when printing text on the screen. Step 1: Reverse Engineering First look at the code provided above and use this code to answer the

Hangman Game


For this challenge, you are going to create a game of hangman. The computer will pick a word randomly within a given list of words. The player will have to guess the word by suggesting one letter at a time

Roman Numerals Conversion


For this challenge, your aim is to write a program used to convert whole numbers (integer) into roman numerals and vice versa. Roman Numerals are based on seven symbols: Symbol Value I 1 V 5 X 10 L 50 C

Password Checker


For this challenge we will write a program where the end-user has to type a password. The program will then return a score to tell the end-user how secure their password is based on the following criteria: Criteria Score The

Love Match Calculator


For this challenge we will write a program that will prompt the user to enter two first names. The program will then calculate and return a Love Match Score based on the following criteria: Criteria Score Both first names have

My Login Script

Login Algorithm

A lot of computer systems rely on the need for the user to login using a username and password. This form of authentication is used to uniquely identify a user and give them access to the relevant information on the

String Manipulation


String? In computer science, a string is a piece of text or a collection of characters. A string can be stored in a variable, can be typed in by the end-user (input) or can be displayed on the screen (output).

Marathon Time Calculator


In this challenge you are going to write a Python script to help a marathoner predict the overall time they can complete a Marathon in (42km). This estimation will be based on the runner’s pace which is the time they

Yes or No!


Learning Objectives When your computer prorgam is asking questions to the end-user, the end-user may not answer these questions the way you expected them to. This may cause your program to not work properly. Ideally a good program should use

Word Score Challenge


Did you know? The ASCII code (Pronounced ask-ee) is a code for representing English characters as numbers, with each character assigned a number from 0 to 127. For example, the ASCII code for uppercase M is 77. The extended ASCII