Love Match Calculator

For this challenge we will write a program that will prompt the user to enter two first names. The program will then calculate and return a Love Match Score based on the following criteria:

Criteria Score
Both first names have the same numbers of letters. +20 pts
Both first names start with a vowel. +10 pts
Both first names start with a consonant. +10 pts
Both first names have the same number of vowels. +12 pts
Both first names have the same number of consonants. +12 pts
Both first names contain at least a “l”, “o”, “v” or “e”. +7 pts

Complete the code

We have started the code but have only implemented the first two criteria. Your task is to implement all 6 criteria.

Test Plan

Once your code is done, complete the following tests to check that your code is working as it should:

Test # Input Values Expected Output Actual Output
#1 Firstname #1: Luna
Firstname #2: Evan
51 pts
#2 Firstname #1: Alice
Firstname #2: Nolan
27 pts
#3 Firstname #1: Maya
Firstname #2: Leo
22 pts
#4 Firstname #1: Nora
Firstname #2: Lillian
17 pts
#5 Firstname #1: Ivy
Firstname #2: Eli
61 pts
#6 Firstname #1: Sofia
Firstname #2: Logan
37 pts


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