Information Board: Javascript Challenge

In this challenge we are creating an information board that displays key messages on a LED screen that consists of 4 rows of 20 characters.

We have created the HTML, and CSS code to render the board on the screen with a welcome message that, for now is hardcoded in the HTML code.

We have also created a Javascript function called clearBoard() to clear the content of the board and have started a new function called inputMessage(). This function will allow the user to input a message to display on the board. However this function is incomplete and your task will be to add the relevant code to convert the message typed by the end-user into a Javascript 2D array called board. This board will then be passed as a parameter to the displayBoard() function that displays the content of this 2D array on the information board.

Note that when displaying a message on the board, if a word cannot fit on a line, then it is added at the start of the next line of the board. (Words are not truncated or hyphenated!)

To complete this challenge, you will need to click on the “Edit on CodePen” button below, and edit the Javascript code from line 36.

See the Pen
Information Board 101
by 101 Computing (@101Computing)
on CodePen.

This challenge is based on a question from the H046 A Level Computer Science June 2017 – Exam paper from OCR



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