HTML Codes

When creating your webpages you may want to use sepcial characters. Using the the following codes in your HTML code:

Star Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
4 Tear-drop asterisk✢4 Balloon asterisk✣
Club asterisk✥4 Balloon asterisk heavy✤
4-pointed star black✦4-pointed star white✧
Stress outlined star✩Circled white star✪
Open center black star✫Black center white star✬
Black star outlined✭Black star outlined heavy✮
Pinwheel star✯White star shadowed✰
Asterisk heavy✱Open center asterisk✲
8-spoked asterisk✳8-pointed black star✴
8-pointed pinwheel star✵6-pointed black star✶
8-p. rectilinear✷8-p. rectilinear heavy✸
12-p. black star✹16-p. asterisk✺
Teardrop-spoked ast.✻Open center t-s. ast.✼
Heavy t-s. ast.✽6-p. b&w florette✾
Black florette✿White florette❀
8-p. outlined bl. florette❁8-p. circled o.c. star❂
Heavy t-s. pinwheel❃Snowflake❄
Tight 3foliate snowflake❅Heavy chevron snowfl.❆
Sparkle❇Heavy sparkle❈
Balloon asterisk❉8 t-s. propeller asterisk❊
Heavy 8 t-s. propeller ast.❋Bl. diamond w/ white X❖

HTML Notes and Music Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
quarter note♩eighth note♪
two eighths♫two sixteenths♬
flat note♭natural note♮
sharp note♯

Heart Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
Heavy black heart❤Heavy bl. heart rotated❥
Floral heart❦Floral heart rotated❧
Heart exclamation mark❢Heavy heart excl. mark❣
black heart♥red heart♡

Utility Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
telephone☎telephone outline☏
check box empty☐ballot box checked☑
ballot box with X☒Sign here✍
Check mark✓Check mark heavy✔
Multiplication X✕Multiplication X heavy✖
Ballot X✗Ballot X heavy✘
Bullet•Password dot●
Pencil diagonal down✎Pencil✏
Pencil diagonal up✐
Cut above✁Cut here✂
Cut below✃Scissors✄
Public pay phone✆Film reel✇
Recycling♲Recycling black♻
@At sign@Fuel Pump⛽

Commercial Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
©copyright©Service Mark&#8480
®Registered trademark®Trademark™
§Section§Number sign№

Hands, Fingers and Faces

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
Left-pointing☜Upwards pointing☝
Right pointing☞Downwards pointing☟
Sign here✍victory sign✌
Frowning face☹Smiley face☺
Black smiley face☻

Science and Medical Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
OhmΩInverted Ohm℧
Skull & Crossbones☠Caution sign☡

Weather and Celestial Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
Comet☄Star solid★
Star white☆Lightning☇

Religious and Spiritual Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
Ankh☥Eastern Christian Cross☦
Chi Rho Cross☧Patriarchal Cross☨
Greek Cross☩Greek Cross heavy✚
Greek Cross outline✙Saltire, St.Andrew’s Cross☓
Latin Roman Cross✝Latin Cross 3D shadow✞
Latin Cross outline✟Peace sign☮
Maltese Cross✠Star of David✡
Crescent Moon & Star☪Farsi symbol☫
Adi Shakti☬Hammer & Sickle☭
Yin & Yang☯Dharma Wheel☸
Trigram Heaven☰Trigram Lake☱
Trigram Fire☲Trigram Thunder☳
Trigram Wind☴Trigram Water☵
Trigram Mountain☶Trigram Heaven☷

HTML Zodiac Signs

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code

HTML Planetary Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code

HTML Chess Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
White King♔White Queen♕
White Rook♖White Bishop♗
White Knight♘White Pawn♙
Black King♚Black Queen♛
Black Rook♜Black Bishop♝
Black Knight♞Black Pawn♟

HTML Card Symbols

SymbolHTML CodeSymbolHTML Code
black spade♠red spade♤
black heart♥red heart♡
black diamond♦red diamond♢
black club♣red club♧

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