Download Python

Before installing Python check our recommendations at the bottom of this page!

python-logoReady to complete some of these Python challenges at home? Then you will need to download Python 3 which is completely free to download:

We also recommend you to install a Python IDE such as PyScripter which is also free to download: It makes coding and debugging a lot easier.

Download Python Scripter

Our Recommendations

To avoid any incompatibility issues, for Windows users we recommend you to install the following versions of Python, PyScripter and Pygame:

Python version 3.9 Download (Source: More recent versions may not be fully compatible with our recommended versions PyScripter / Pygame
PyScripter Version 2.6
Pygame version 1.9.2a0 for Windows 32 bit – Python 3.3 Download (Source:

Should you not have the above versions, we would recommend uninstalling Python / PyScripter and Pygame to install the recommended versions instead.

Python Online

Should you decide not to install Python on your computer, you can still use online coding environments such as or CodingGround:


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