Create your own Sound Effects in Python

zapThe purpose of this challenge is to create your own collection of sound effects to be used a library of assets for your own retro arcade games.

We will use Python code online to create the sound file using EarSketch.


A Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), is the main tool for producing music on a computer. A DAW is specialised computer software for recording, editing, and playing digital audio files. EarSketch is a DAW which let you place audio clips and effects into a DAW timeline using either Python code or JavaScript code.

Check the following sound effects that we have created using EarSketch. You can re-use and adapt the code for your own video game projects.

Cannon EffectRefill EffectAlternative Cannon Effect
Open sound effect using EarSketch

Open sound effect using EarSketch
Open sound effect using EarSketch

Using Sound Effects with PyGame

To add sound effects, download some wav or mp3 files into a folder called “Sounds” and add the following code when you want to play the sound effect:

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