The Library – Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Your local library would like you to design a new system to store information about all the books available on the shelves, as well as about the members of the library and the borrowings and reservations they make.

The requirements of this library are as follows:

    The new system will need to store information about the books, their authors and genres (e.g. Adventure, Romance, Crime….).​
    Each book will be associated to one genre only.​
    Each book can have one or more author.​
    The new system will also need to store information about library members, reservations and borrowings.​
    Members of the library can make as many borrowings as they want. Each borrowing is for one book only.​
    When a borrowing is made, the librarian will record the date of the borrowing and the returned date.​
    When a book is returned, the librarian will update the borrowing status to “Returned”.​
    When a book is not available, a member can make a reservation.​
    Members can make as many reservations as they want. A reservation is for one book only.​

Use our online ERD tool to design the Entity Relationship Diagram for this library. Note that you have not been given any information about the pieces of information to store about the books, authors, borrowings and reservations so you will have to decide of the most relevant fields to include on your ERD.

Design Your ERD Online

For more information about relational databases and Entity Relationship Diagrams, visit the following pages:



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