Text Based Animations

frame-based-animationIn this challenge we will use Python code to create text-based (ASCII) animations. Each of these animations is using a main loop that repeats the given code every 0.2 seconds and clear the screen between two iterations (frames).

Check our four animations below:

Flying RocketHello World AnimationRolling Die AnimationSpace Invader Animation

Flying Rocket Animation

Hello World Animation

This animation use string slicing to animate any piece of text!

Rolling Die Animation

This animation uses the random library to simulate rolling a die:

Space Invader Animation

If you have ever played the game Space Invaders, you will remember the path that aliens follow, progressively coming down towards your spaceship.

Your Task

Create your own text-based animation using a similar approach. You can get started by tweaking any of the animations provided above.

Here are some ideas of text based animations you could recreate:

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