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Name the colour

Computer programmers, web-designers, graphic designers often have to choose specific colours to design eye-catchy user interfaces. To do so they use colour codes which are used to uniquely identify each of the 16 million colours available on the RGB colour

My thesaurus

Your English teacher has asked you to write a description of your favourite imaginary pet. They want you to use plenty of adjectives in your description and suggest that you use a thesaurus to find synonyms to use in your

Where are you calling from?

Learning Objectives By completing this challenge you will further improve your file manipulation techniques. If you cannot remember how to open and read through a text file or CSV check our blog post about “how to access text files using

US Population

Your challenge is to write a Python program that will read through the data from the US States.txt text file provided below in order to find out: The total population in the USA (by adding the population of each of

UK Postcodes – Distance Calculator

Challenge Your challenge is to write a Python program that asks the end-user to enter two valid UK postcodes and in return displays the distance in miles or km between those two postcodes. To complete this challenge you will first

My mp3 playlist

Learning Objectives In this challenge we are going to focus on accessing a text file in Python to: Read the content of the file line by line, Append data at the end of the file, Write into a new text