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Italian Takeaway Ordering System

An Italian Takeaway is asking you to write a computer program to facilitate the ordering process and automatically calculate the total cost of an order. They have stored their menu and all prices into a text file with the following

Cinema Booking Challenge

A cinema has created a booking system for their main theatre which consists of 48 seats, organised in 6 rows of 8 seats. To store information as to whether a seat is booked or available, the program uses a 2-dimensional

Break Even Point


In Business or Economics the Break Even Point (BEP) is the point at which the total of fixed and variable costs of a business becomes equal to its total revenue. At this point, a business neither earns any profit nor

Kings & Queens of England


Portrait of Henry VIII There have been 66 monarchs of England and Britain spread over a period of 1500 years. For this Python challenge you will use a text file listing all of these monarchs in chronological order. You will


Leaderboard (using a CSV file)

Before completing this challenge you will need to make sure you have already completed a game or a quiz in Python with a scoring system. You will then add a leaderboard functionality to your existing game or quiz in order

London 2012


Learning Objectives In this challenge we are going to investigate methods that can be used to: Read and extract data from a text file, Sort this data in ascending or descending order, Display this sorted data on screen. Context We