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Logic Gates & Truth Tables

Learning Objectives In this post you will predict the output of logic gates circuits by completing truth tables. First you need to learn the basic truth tables for the following logic gates: AND Gate OR Gate XOR Gate NOT Gate

Binary Converter using Python

Did You Know?Everything that is stored on a computer is stored as binary code. Binary code is made of bits (0 or 1). We often use Bytes to store data. A Byte is made of eight bits and can be

Access Rights using Binary Masks

Imagine a building with 8 rooms. Each room is fitted with a card reader used to give access or not to different members of staff. Each member of staff has a card giving them access to some of the rooms.

Digital Data – Terminology

Complete this domino activity to revise key definitions on how text files, pictures and sound files are stored on a computer using binary code.  

Secret Code

In this challenge we are putting your deciphering skills to the test. Here are your secret codes. Will you be able to decode these? Cipher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ipher #2 \u0055\u006e\u0069\u0063\u006f\u0064\u0065 \u0069\u0073 \u0061 \u0063\u0068\u0061\u0072\u0061\u0063\u0074\u0065\u0072 \u0073\u0065\u0074 \u0075\u0073\u0069\u006e\u0067 \u0032 \u0042\u0079\u0074\u0065\u0073 \u0070\u0065\u0072 \u0063\u0068\u0061\u0072\u0061\u0063\u0074\u0065\u0072 \u0077\u0068\u0069\u0063\u0068

Binary Logic Activities

Access a range of activities about binary logic, logic gates, truth tables and Karnaugh maps:

Karnaugh Maps

Karnaugh maps are a tool used to simplify complex Boolean expressions. Using a Karnaugh map reduces the need for extensive calculations by taking advantage of humans’ pattern-recognition capability. Karnaugh maps are used to simplify real-world logic requirements so that they

Why are there 1024 bytes in a kilobyte? (instead of 1000)

Here is a good brainteaser when teaching binary code… Remember: Computers can only work with binary code. Computers don’t really like the number 1000 because in binary it’s not that straightforward: The binary code for 1000 is 1111101000 However computers